In 2017 and 2018, Mining for Miracles helped support and establish the Transplantation and Cell Therapy (TRACE) program at BC Children’s Hospital, providing children across the province with personalized medicine using the patient’s own cells to prevent rejection of organ transplants, kill cancer cells and fight infection; the first program of its kind in Canada. This has placed BC Children’s Hospital as a leader in clinical cell therapies, transplantation and research into new treatments for cancer and diabetes.


Thanks to the $2.9 million gift to TRACE, two state of the art facilities, the Translational Biomarker Facility and the Clinical Cell Therapy Facility, are ready to help:

  • 40-50 children with kidney transplants each year, extending transplant function and saving lives;
  • 250 children living with organ and bone marrow transplants in BC, by replacing invasive biopsies with innovative blood and urine screening tests; and providing a new form of treatment for children with relapsed leukemia that has been effective in over 90% of cases in clinical trials.


Click here to read The Trace Program Impact Report