In 2019, Mining for Miracles helped fundraise $3.725 million towards the Gut4Health program at BC Children’s Hospital. Gut4Health aims to further microbiome research and the development of new therapies with the goal of making BC Children’s Hospital the first children’s hospital in Canada to use gut bacteria to predict, prevent, and treat infections and chronic inflammation in kids.

When a child is diagnosed and treated with a chronic disease they undergo many rigorous and invasive procedures, paired with medication that can cause serious side effects. With the establishment of the Gut4Health Program, doctors and researchers are able to study and better understand the gut microbiome to find more effective and safer ways to treat our kids.

Thanks to Mining for Miracles’ unwavering support, the Gut4Health program can better help the 10,000 children in our province who are currently living with chronic inflammatory illnesses.

Click HERE to read the Gut4Health Impact Report.